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Yes. I shipped it already.

Which is how you got a tracking number.

Here's your feedback, bitch!
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A place to review stupid E-Bay behavior, as seller and buyer. But mostly sellers.
I do like the occasional LJ stupid, which is why I belong to stupid_free.

But I want to talk about a special kind of stupid, a non-LJ stupid: that of the EBay buyer.

I don't sell on EBay. I'm amazingly lucky at finding cool shit but will not sell directly. The stories I have heard over the years have put me off it, maybe for good.

I hate the forced fake feedback shit. If I *want* to say you did well, I will. I hate being hustled for it and think it is unfair that everything hinges on it.

I hate that people order custom things and then don't understand why it costs more than a dollar.

I hate that everything is clearly spelled out but the questions still roll in.

I cannot believe the stories I hear and read from my friend's who sell there. Except I know these people and they don't lie.

So, this community is for them, and for you.

Post your most jaw dropping EBay story.

I'm also asking the people I know to go back in time and pull out some of their posts. You know who you are and you know what posts I'm talking about.

This community is intended for the sellers who get to deal with the crazy. I'm sure that there are buyer horror stories as well, but make your own community if you want to talk about them.