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Christmas is approaching and hand in hand crazy customers are pissing me off.

"hi, can you hold this hat for me" (insert auction number) I just remodeled my kitchen and I'm very low on funds and the holidays are approaching and I have lots of gifts to buy because I have a HUGE family. I'll be happy to pay the price that I put a bid on (which is 1.30) I'll let you know when I have the money, thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I love your hats".

o.k. first of all. she does not sound like she is asking, sounds like she is TELLING me. Second of all, there is a reserve on the damn hat which is close to 50.00. People baffle me. I'm not holding jack shit.

another funny situation.

Ebayer sends me 5.00 through paypal. I have no idea what it's about so I email the buyer back and ask her why she sent me 5.00.

"Hi thanks for getting back to me so fast. It's a deposit for action number blah, blah, blah. I'l get it paid off when I can. I'm very short of cash these days and had to put new tires on my truck"

I send it back and tell her that I do not do any sort of layaway and I do not hold items for people. So she has her boyfriend sends me 20.00 and tells me that "here is a larger amount" o.k. since when do clients decide that they can make the rules with my company policies? This is bullshit so I send it back. and tell him "I do not do layaway." The headband is close to 200.00 if she wants it that bad she can put on her big girl panties and deal with this transaction like a grown up would. Apparently I have pissed her off and she send me an email telling me she is going to report me to ebay. Again, there was no actual transaction here so nothing can be done.

Another funny situation.

Buyer bids on a few things then tells me that she was drunk and can not pay for it now because she did not realize how much it was. O.k. give her credit because in all honesty at least she was telling the truth.But please for the love of god stay off of ebay when you are hammered. It's a bad idea because I myself have been there. Granted, I only buy when I have the money but it's not like I need more shoes.

Jesus Christ, and it is only going to get worse I suspect. It does every year. I'm happy that my stuff is selling like mad but this bullshit is just unreal lately.


Dec. 4th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
her bf paid so it's all good. But still, I do prefer when people pay on time, I think everyone does.

One time I was bidding on a lovely pair of dior shoes and I got out bid, I was pretty hammered. I was yelling at the computer and having fit. I was making so much racket that the maintenance guy came and knocked on my door to see if I was o.k. I was like.

"oh I'm fine, I'm just mad as all hell because I got out id on a pair of shoes I'm dyeing to have".

He just gave me the strangest look, he thought it was weird that I kept part of my shoe collection in the pantry. I mean it's logical right? I have 4 packs of ramen,a large tin of coffee grounds and some cereal and I have over 300 pairs of shoes.


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