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just a few ebay stupids.

funny situations from the following week.

Buyer buys item and I ship the next day. Item was sent to Canada, a peacock hat. Buyer says they need the item quickly so I bust ass to the main post office in the shitty weather last minute. Not a big deal really since I was headed in the area, just got to the bar sooner is all. No biggie, just wanted to get the item to her asap. A few days later I get a bunch of emails going off on me how I have ruined her night and she now has to make a hat to wear to an opening. She didn't get the item on time and all hell has broken loose. She didn't pay for faster shipping. Now she wants a refund, she got the hat yesterday but not on friday. She says she should get to keep it.I ended up reporting her, she knows where she can stick the hat.

Buyer buys hat for some child beauty pageant. Yes, my wears have now made their way to the little miss ordeals. Not sure what to really think of this but she paid on time and I sent it the next day. Buyer now wants a refund because her kid did not win the pagent. Your kid lost, big deal. Suck it up and deal with it, don't blame the designer. Perhaps you should work on her talents more.

Buyer slaps me with a non received item dispute. E check has bounced 3 times already. Threatens to leave me neg if I don't refund asap. Nothing to refund. Money was never received. I block the bidder and they go off on me.

The best for last.

I get a hand written letter with stains on it telling me that if I don't remove her from the blocked list she will sue me. I'm waiting to hear from her attorney:)

funny this all started right after black friday. I'm sure I will have more stories, shit always gets pretty crazy for me right before Christmas.

paypal bs.............

o.k. long story short. Buyer bids on several items and tells me that she will pay for them all at once. I'm all happy because I just started to make mini top hats and they have been selling like crazy. The sale comes to around 100.00 bucks. I send her an invoice and get no response so I send another one through another auction won and again nothing. I send her the final invoice for item number three, a few days go by and no response. I send her a friendly reminder and she writes back and tells me her dad is paying for the items now. Fine with me just give me my 100.00 bucks. More time passes and still no money I report the items to ebay that they have not been paid for. She gives me an email to send to her dad requesting the money. I do so and it bounces back. So last night I send her an email and saying if I don't receive money by monday I will have to leave negative fb and relist the items. Today I wake up and there is money in my paypal:)! YAY, I box the stuff up and go to the post and send it. Then I get this bull shit.

Dear taissalada,

I sent you a paypal payment. please note that I created an account especially for this transaction. I hope everything went well, I'm not used to this methode of payment.
I sincerely regret the lack of communication you showed. If sending the invoice to my fathers address was a problem, the least you could have done was tell me so we not waste time on such a trivial matter.
You turned what was supposed to be a nice gesture of my fathers into a series of complications and added stress. I now hope that the article will be sent on time, and please send them to the following address "your anus"
Thank you very much.

wtf? Bad communication on my part? Hardly. And since when is paypal not the form of payment used?

more tales of terror:)

Had a funny ebay situation.


Lady bids on ALL my peacock hats then turns around and CANCELS her bids, emails me several and asks if she can substitute the purple velvet with a different color lace. I was away from the computer and noticed about 5 bid cencellations and about a dozen emails. Um, I do step away from the computer dumbass, THAT IS HOW THE HATS GET MADE!!!. She is obviously getting antsy since the emails were fucked up and rude. She says she NEEDS the hat by next week and wants it for 9.98, a different fabric, larger and MORE peacock feathers.9.98 is how much other hats started off at the auction so she feels she should have it for that too. she is after all on a budget.

Jesus christ.

So I tell her I can't find the fabric she wants. Honestly, I did not even bother looking. So what does she do, she tells me she is going to mail me the fabric and since this is what she plans to do she now wants it for half the price. She is after all providing me with the fabric so she feels she should get even more of a deal.

I tell her no. No can do.

She continues to email and bitch how "this is not fair" and NEEDS the hat.

Again, I tell her no and tell her to STOP emailing me.

So she stops emailing and decides to call me. I answer the phone, on I don't know maybe the fifth ring and she starts yammering about the damn hat she NEEDS then goes off on me why it took so long to answer the phone.

"I'm going to mail you the fabric" Crazy cheap ass screams.

"Look, I am not going to make this for you. I don't have the time and the price you want it made for is absurd. Please go and take your business elsewhere. I don't want it. You are rude and are irritating me to death"

"o.k. I'll give you an extra five dollars"


Crazy lady sends me an email and tells me she is going to report me to ebay and paypal. Um, in order get anywhere with complaints with paypal don't you actually HAVE to pay someone and gave a reason for complaining. Good luck you psycho.By the way, if you call me and leave a message it's going on youtube.
J - I hope this is okay to post, as it's not really a complaint about another member or whatever, it's a heads up for anyone using eBay, as they are simply sweeping this matter under the rug.

From: http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y07/m09/i25/s00

eBay Shuts Trust & Safety Board after Credit Card Numbers Exposed
By Ina Steiner
September 25, 2007

eBay shut down an entire discussion board devoted to Trust & Safety issues after someone began posting confidential user information. Someone using multiple User IDs began listing information purported to be eBay users' private and financial data on the Trust & Safety discussion board. Mark, a user who says he posts regularly on the board, said he noticed the problem at 8:50 am Eastern on Tuesday and called his eBay representative about 20 minutes later after he saw the posts remained. He said it took about an hour for the posts to be removed, and minutes later, the entire board was taken down.

The person posted using several IDs that look like they had been hijacked from legitimate users. The subject line of each thread began with the letters "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" followed by six numbers.

Mark said regular users who were posting on the board while the incident was taking place suspected that eBay may have been hacked, and he said some believed it was a scammer named Vladuz that has tormented eBay in the past. eBay has denied that Vladuz has ever hacked into its system (http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y07/m02/i22/s03).

AuctionBytes was able to view the forum and several posts before they were removed. While most data looked like it could have been obtained through phishing campaigns, the posts also included fields labeled "Id verified" and "Store" along with a time-date stamp of the user registration. The accuracy of the information has not been verified by AuctionBytes.

Update 9/25/07 3:20 pm Eastern:
eBay spokesperson Nichola Sharpe said Tuesday afternoon that posts made on the Trust & Safety board early this morning contained name and contact information for 1,200 eBay members and called the person posting the information a "malicious fraudster." She said the incident was not the result of a security breach from eBay and could have been obtained as part of an account takeover.

Sharpe said the credit card information contained in the posts were not associated with financial information on file for those users at eBay or PayPal. The company is in the process of proactively contacting members by phone, "so that if the information is valid somehow - regardless how this fraudster acquired the information - these members can take the steps they need to take to protect themselves."

eBay has temporarily blocked community access to the Trust and Safety discussion forum, Sharpe said, and informed the community of the incident via the eBay Chatter blog (http://www.ebaychatter.com/the_chatter/2007/09/trust-safety-fo.html).

"Our Trust and Safety team is continuing to closely monitor this situation," Sharpe said.

Meanwhile, users are spooked by the posts and some are critical of eBay's response. A YouTube member going by the name of "cappnonymous" posted a video showing the eBay Trust & Safety board posts, titling the submission, "ebaY Major Hack AttacK! User's Data Posted On Ebay T&S Bd" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q9m2iFsz9M).

NOTE: Please check back during the day as we will update this story as it develops.

Also see the AuctionBytes blog:

ETA: Since eBay is denying it, you can view an article here that shows that these CC #s ARE in fact correct.

Sep. 24th, 2007

we all know the drill if you sell on ebay.

Buyer bids on a bunch of things. Time goes by and buyer does not pay. Seller sends a reminder and buyer says they will pay. Time goes by and still no pay. seller reports unpaid item to ebay. Buyer says they will pay. Time goes by and STILL NO PAY. Seller is starting to get miffed and sends yet another reminder. Buyer gives a sob story how they are now ill and need more time to pay. Seller is pissed by really has no choice. A week goes by and seller sends yet another reminder. Buyer gets all up in sellers shit and goes off. Seller says "FUCK IT!!" and leaves negative. Buyer sends seller a mean email.

"What the fuck, who the hell do you think you fucking are? I'm sick as all hell and you have the nerve to leave me negative fb. God, you ARE a money hungry bitch. Some of my friends said you were mean as all hell and NOW I KNOW WHY!!! I read in your LJ that you won some lawsuit recently so I don't have a clue why the hell you are getting so bent out of shape about this. People on ebay HATE you, there is a whole page devoted to what a bitch you are AND I read on some boards as well that not many other buyers like you either.Bitch, I hope you get hit by a fucking truck. You deserve it"

Thank you for the entertainment. What sucks is that they sent it to my regular email and not through ebay.

Yo, dead beat obviously you troll this lj like some other nut jobs do and it's quite obvious that you and many other trollers have been cut from the same cloth of stupidity.

have a nice day, now drive on through.........................

the never ending saga.................

a fellow ebayer/friend sent me this, now there is a part two!!! Scroll down to the very bottom, there is afollow up on the first page. page two that is.


and better and better...........

from another dead beat. I really doubt that this one is going to be as bad.
hi this dress that i meant.can you send me the invoice for this dress and the red blouse and i pay you now.thanks.

Hi wen you send thefa?


my god,then why are yopu sending me the dress that has been relisted.i am talking about the blouse that you send.i have no idea what you mean.i had the courteousy to explain my medical reason out of politeness as i am cultured unlike you.i should have bothered since you are rude with no manners and no wonder there are so many dead bidders in ebay and itrs becos of money minded sellers like you who are only interested in geting sales and don't bother getting long term customers.there are so amny sellers in ebay and getting a strike here means nothing as you can always use one;s sister or friends account to buy.so dont be so smug.tgank god i did not spend my money buying from a rude person like you.



just your typical buyer who has become ill.

o.k. so long story short, an ebayer is going on and on about how they can't pay the invoice, that the shipping fees are too much and that they are now "ill". I explain over and over again how I will not send more than three feather items at one time. They don't seem to get it and go on and on again how karma will one day get me one day and how sick they are. I admit I would not bend on the rules, these rules apply to everyone. It states this in my listings, no more than three items are sent together. Granted, no one is happy of the increase in shipping but such is life. So what do they do? they send me a paypal payment weeks later for each item to be sent individually. I invoiced them several times. When you send an invoice through ebay you can only do it once with each item and this was done so there was no way for me to go and send it again through the ebay invoice. More whacked out emails are sent to me. Um, I did step away from the computer to go and get some chow and some liquid aspirin, aka some beer. Best negative fb I have ever gotten. It's been a while since I have been called a "heartless b*tch". Go me:)!!!

dead beats in general....................

usually make for the best stories. I've had three of them today. one was close to a three hundred dollar check out and the other two came close to 100.00. Here is one of the numerous emails from dead beat number three today, I bet I'll get more, Enjoy!!!

hi they block me as i was not able to come online to reply you and you and another seller who misunderstood gave me a strike.you guys are so mean.i had a bad sprain and four stiches.can i have your peacock fan as well.can you send me the total for both and i pay you now.